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About X R A

XRA is a well-known Government Licensed Adventure company in INDIA was founded in 2004 with vision to promote the Adventure up to beyond the Limits at affordable price. 
We are expertise for Trekking, Skiing/Snowboarding & Adventure in India.
Our Team consists of experienced and professional people who have real touch and knowledge of most beautiful Himalayan mountain in this world. Our Team not only has members from one state but also from beyond the boundary of nation. All are master of their field and have taken active participation in national and international Adventure events and have also achieved Laurel/Medal for the country. So give us a chance for your hospitality with highly experienced and energetic team.
India is a country where we find ample of famous pilgrimage sites from north to south & east to west. Among the most famous is the CHAR DHAM in the northern region. Where we can experience all kind of adventitious activity along with pilgrimage. Recently we introduce Tribal Tourism, where we can experience various activities of tribal people located in this vast Sub-Continent INDIA. We are fully trained to look after all your travel and Adventure needs

Among in so many trekking & Adventure companies out there, why choose XRA?

We are not travel agents selling packaged or Adventure tours. We have our own Equipments, Trekking, Expeditions, Guesthouse & Adventure activity. We treat you like a friend & personal travelling companion.

Intensive safety measures are implied on organizing every adventure trips: All our trek leaders / guides are trained in Wilderness First Aid, Eco tourism and crisis management Course. Years of training and experience have taught them to deal with any adverse situations from diarrhea to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

Environmental Policies: XRA is committed to being environmental caretakers and seek to attain high standards of `minimum impact tourism'

We not create open fires and discourage others from doing so. Where water can only be heated by scarce firewood, we will try not to use it so that villagers may utilize it for their livelihood. Wherever possible, we will choose accommodation that uses kerosene or fuel-efficient fire-wood stoves.

Keep Local Water Clean: Toilet facilities will be pitched at least 30 metres away from the water source and all waste will be covered properly. We will not allow detergents to be used in streams and springs.

Plants left in their Natural Environment: We will not take away cuttings, seeds and roots that are illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.

Respect Local Cultures: We will promote the appreciation and preservation of religious places and local villages by never allowing clients to buy religious objects or heirlooms from remote villages.

XRA diligently brings back all non-biodegradable garbage in specially designed garbage kit bags. we uses solar equipment where possible. We invite you to be partners in this endeavor - to tread lightly and be good eco tourists.

All of our tours are backed up by our own network of offices and teams in local destinations. During
the entire duration of the trip your daily movement is closely monitored. You are always a phone call
away from Xtreme Real Adventure 24X7. We are dedicated to serving our clients before, during, and
after they travel and, as a result most of our clients come to us by personal referral or on a repeat basis.

Flexible payment options:

XRA offers several convenient payment options. A deposit of 20% of the total trip amount will be charged whilst booking your trip and the rest will be paid up on your arrival in Kathmandu. For this deposit can be made by Bank wire transfer or by credit card. Upon receipt, we will initiate the reservations and inform you when all hotels, tours, and transportation have been confirmed.

Staff welfare / Porter Protection Policy

We believe in taking responsibility and caring for all of our staff from Trek Leaders / Guides to Sherpas, Cooks and Porters. We ensure good pay, life insurance, helicopter evacuation, as well as the equipment and clothing needed for porters and each member of staff. They are our kith and kin as well as the backbone of Advenyure in Himalaya. No wonder all of the staff including porters want to work for us over and over again. We have set some noticeable guidelines, which we are applying in our trips as a Porter Protection Policy.

  • Accidental / medical insurance
  • Fair weight around 25 Kg. only
  • Arrangement of Food and Accommodation
  • Same standard of medical care for Porters / trek staff / trek members
  • No porter is asked to return from the middle of trek
  • Sufficient financial support will be provided to sick porter and helper to cover the cost of their return and treatment.


You are in Command

We believe in planning and organization but not strict schedule. Things have to be arranged but as
we all know many of the best things in life involve the unexpected and holidaying is all about
pleasure at leisure. We won't plan everything for you, we'll provide framework and provide essential
support and transportation but give you freedom to explore the destination too allowing you the time
and space to break away and do your own thing. You can tailor the touring to your interests, spend
as long as you like at sights, and develop a real rapport with your own private guide, driver and
local people.


XRA is directed to provide the services what our clients' demand. We never force our clients to follow our set itinerary or fixed departure rather we always follow the idea suggested by our clients & arrange the trip accordingly. Of course! You're each & every requirement will be fulfilled with great care & warm hospitality. We will do our best to supply you all relevant information that you may require.
For Tailor Made Trips, please complete the form below, and then kindly suggest your own travel plans. You're any type of suggestions regarding to your trekking / touring in India will be highly appreciated.

XRA Cottage

Stay in the lap of nature !

We take this opportunity to introduce our Cottage, nestled amidst apple orchid, at an altitude of 6700 feet. The Cottage is just 8 kms from Joshimath, and Auli         read more